That's right "NO COST"! Blue Brick Financial LLC pays for all the closing costs associated with the transaction including: underwriting fees, processing fees, appraisal fee, title fees, and origination fees. None of these fees are rolled onto the loan balance.

The "NO COST" option does have requirements such as loan amount, loan to value, minimum credit scores and debt to income ratios. Each loan is evaluated based on these criteria. Most loans qualify for the NO COST option but there are some that will not.

NO COST does not mean higher interest rates. Due to the volume of loans we do monthly and our lender and title relationships we are able to, in most cases, meet or beat all of our competition. To go with the incredible rate " NO COST"!!!!!!

In most cases escrow or impound accounts are not included in the NO COST scenario. Monies collected to re-build an escrow/impound account are not closing costs. They are money accounts set up to manage the on time payment of your property taxes and home owner's insurance. This money is the responsibility of the borrower at the loan closing.

IF an appraisal is even needed, you would pay the appraisal fee during the process and we will credit/reimburse that cost at closing. In the event the loan does not close you would have the right to a copy of the appraisal but not to a refund or reimbursement of the appraisal fee.